When I create a repl owned by my EduTeam, where does it go?

from my account homepage. I click create, choose python template, then select my EDU team (I am owner) from the dropdown so it’ll allow private.
Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 12.57.03 PM

Where does this go?
The only way I can get back to said repl seems to be to remember to bookmark it in my browser. If I click Teams from the left side menu, then click into the team, there’s nothing there related to what repls the team owns unless I happen to have them open elsewhere, then they show up in ‘Who’s Coding’.

sorry if this is a 5iq question that has been answered. Unfortunately i am a 5iq user and tried to search before posting thanks.

There’s a chance it might be a you problem. My team has all of our repls stored nicely like this:

I don’t really know though. It could be a bug.

maybe it is just bugged?

mine is an edu team so it might be a bit different. don’t really understand, but it suggests dragging a repl to the unit so presumably there’d be a list of owned repls somewhere and I just don’t have it?

Hey @nlnlnlnl welcome to the forums!

This seems like a bug that you are able to make repls on a Teams for EDU team. The reason I say this is because you can only make projects (repls with submissions for students) so there is no place to display repls, only projects.

Ok. A workaround is then to just use the “Create Project” button from the Team page (in my 2nd post’s screenshot), instead of using the normal “create” button found in most other places.

Hi @nlnlnlnl thanks for your question. After reading the thread I wanted to jump in to say it isn’t a bug. There are just two ways of creating Repls on replit: personal and Teams

In your original post you showed a screenshot of a personal Repl being created. That’s what happens when you click on Create in the top left of the Replit interface. These repls are stored in an area called My Repls as shown below:


If you want to create a Repl to share with others in your Team you have to use the Create Project button on the Teams page, as you said in your last post.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any other related questions!

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Hi Ian, thanks for chiming in. Use the “Create Project” button instead.

What is the intended function of the ‘owner-picker’ in the Create (personal repl) menu? (screenshot in OP)

They seem to only be accessible via directly remembering the URL (e: if choosing an edu team, naturally my personal account repls show up in “My Repls” just fine)

Hi @nlnlnlnl just a quick update. I’m looking into this as I can replicate your issue but cannot find the Repl assigned to a team at the moment. It could be a bug so I’ve moved this topic into bug reports.


Is there any resolution to this? I also made new Repls, assigned them to be owned by my “team” - but there is no listing of all the repls owned by a team. They just disappear unless you have the link…

Hi @golds413 yes this is definitely a bug. Thank you for adding your details here.

In the short term I recommend not saving replits directly into a team “user”, but your own user.

I’ve tried to fork my personal repl to a team (selecting the team as owner). What happened:

  1. Forked repl was created with the correct owner, accessible on my Home page.
  2. Forked repl is NOT visible on the respective team/owner page.
    Super confusing!
    Thank you for investigating this.

Is there any update on this? I created some Team-owned repls and now I can’t find them back.