No "Invite" button on repl owned by team

I created a new education organization, then a team for my class. When I create a new repl owned by the team, there is no “Invite” button in the upper right.

If I create a repl owned by myself, then the “Invite” button appears and works correctly.

Am I doing something wrong?

For education teams, I believe a user has to be a member to edit a repl

I am the owner, and thus a member, of the team, if that’s what you mean.

Hey @robertutterback welcome to the forum!

For teams to EDU there is no invite button. My guess is so students cant cheat. If you want to add people to the repl you would need to remake the project and add people to that group.

It’s actually not a project, just a plain repl, but one that is owned by the team, so that seems odd not to have it. Maybe they are implementing projects by creating student repls owned by the team?

My intent is to do multiplayer in class, then have the repl still visible to the class (but not public) afterwards so they can review it. Is this possible some other way? Maybe I should request this feature if not.

You physically cant make repls in teams for edu, only projects.

Sure, but I can make a repl “owned” by a team.

Can you show a screenshot of you making a repl for a team in an edu org?


The owner, comp152-s23, is a team inside an education organization. I am the owner of both the organization and the team.

Oh yea I forgot about that. I think this is related to this bug.