Repl's for my students take a long time to load

I’ve been using Edu Teams for several years now. I love it, but recently I’ve been having a lot of headaches with it. A major one has been how long it takes for the repl’s to load for my students. This all began around Feb/Mar of 2023.


  • Students click an assignment and they stare at a “Repl booting” screen for several minutes.
  • When students are typing, the cloud (by the top left repl name) is flashing showing it’s “saving”. This also can take several minutes.

Things I’ve Tried

  • In April I’ve contacted our IT department and they confirmed they whitelisted the sites listed on the IT Admin’s Toolkit.
  • I’ve ensured browsers have been updated. This is an issue using safari, chrome, and firefox on all my machines. They are running Ventura 13.5.2 at this moment.

The problem still persists. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Between this issue, and many of my tests now failing after migrating my repl’s to Nix, I’m really thinking of just abandoning replit all together. It’s become very restrictive lately in the classroom, where we are dealing with more functional problems then actually learning to code.

This has also been documented in a previous thread from Jan of 2023, but then went dead.

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