Project takes long to load for team members

I have problem with Replit. I (owner) create a project and let my team(member) to join the project.
However, one of my team can’t load the project. and the other took more than 10 minute to load the project.

This issue happen every week. and really need helps.

I 'm on a hacker plan.

us users probably can’t help but for the replit team to investigate it would be helpful if you send a link to the repl or another, minimal repl where this also happens.

Hi @codeacademy5 can you tell me if this is still an issue?

I’ve moved this to #bug-reports and await your response.

It always an issue for a past 2 weeks. just simple load a project sometimes keeps me wait 10 minutes( I try some project with only contains one “Print” command…it takes 3++ minutes to boot up)

What can I do to make my project run faster…

Hi @codeacademy5 thanks for your reply. To let a member of the community offer support you will need to share a link to a repl with us.