Pygame saying "There was an error connecting to the server"

Whenever I open my pygame repl, the output tab keeps saying “There was an error connecting to the server”. Anyone have a reliable solution to this?\

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Hi @bondedspoon , try typing kill 1 into the Shell or fork this repl.

I believe staff are currently looking into this. Sadly, you will have to test on your local machine or use another site that supports Pygame.

I’ve used this one in the past before:

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I am seeing this one today as well - particularly bad timing as I am trying to get projects marked for the end of the year. Any of my student Team Replits seem to be impacted.

Interestingly enough, if I create a new pygame Replit it seems to be working. Ditto an older project that has to go through the NIX env migration - once complete it works.

Before I start downloading code from multiple classes, perhaps some can chime in if this is an issue they are aware of or working on. Nothing listed on

Hi GregReid,

I am also getting the same error when I try to run my students replit programs. It keeps saying “there was an error connecting to the server”. We have to complain to the replit admin, so it can be fixed asap.


Hi everyone, I think a patch for this was released, but users are still having issues. I think the Replit Staff are currently looking at this problem again.

@jesse recommended clearing your browser’s cache (or you could probably test in an incognito window). If you’re still having problems, Replit Staff will probably follow up soon.


I am facing the same issue. None of these above-mentioned methods work. Does anyone know how to fix it? Any insight would be appreciated.

It appears that the fix patch has not been released for all accounts at the moment. While I no longer encounter the error in my PyGame output, my students are still experiencing this issue in their projects.

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My students and I are experiencing the same issue. Has the patch been deployed and we’re just waiting for it to propagate?

Is there any update on this patch? We had a class assignment dependent on pygame and all the submissions are getting that server connection error.

Still having this issue. My students can’t test their own code and my demo projects will randomly not connect. Please fix this ASAP!

Hi @SuzyCox , welcome to the forums!
Can you try using for this?

Also, as Teams for EDU is being removed, it is unlikely that the Staff will fix this.

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I have found that, for me, running the program and then clicking the Try again button until it loads works. You could also try refreshing while the program is running.

We are using We aren’t implementing Teams for EDU, as far as I know - just using on Chromebooks.

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How many times did you click it until it worked?

I just keep on clicking for 15 seconds while the repl is running and the pygame display has indeed been initialized. If it still shows There was an error, then refresh the tab while the repl is running. If it still shows There is an error, it may be an actual problem, such as with network or firewall. The Diagnosis page shown provides a link you can test.

I wonder, does run faster than replit? If so, would it be better to create the code in replit, then test it on Trinket?

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That should be a fairly easy thing to test.
If I have time I’ll check it out, or you could yourself.


I’m a teacher using Replit with Python and Pygame for my students. We would get this issue randomly, but we are all getting it now and it has completely stopped our ability to use Replit.

We are using Replit through Chrome 120.0.6099.200 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10, not through Teams or Education or any group environment. Each student has their own account. When we follow the link under Diagnosis, it takes us to a 404 page on Replit’s servers (implying that we can access the link, but there’s nothing there).

We have tried the following, all with no luck:

  1. Forking the projects
  2. Typing “kill 1” into the shell
  3. Clearing browser cache
  4. Trying through

Our course ends soon and this has completely halted their ability to progress using Replit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Here’s a link to a Repl with the problem: