Pygame saying "There was an error connecting to the server"

Most likely, the new output domain is being blocked by school network. The output got a new domain around Jan 1.

Also see another possible cause:

My students have been experiencing the same issue with Pygame. Forking the project and having them work on the forked version sometimes resolves that issue but not always.

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If the Output may sometimes work, then maybe try fixing it by clicking Try again (or refreshing) while the program is running (and displaying).

Thanks for your suggestions! I’ve asked our board to unblock the sites you referenced in the other thread.

I’ve tried having them fork things, though I’m afraid that didn’t work.

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Teaching on replit as well, this has made it extremely difficult for the students to work on their assignments and us to mark them…

any solution? please advise

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As an FYI, we did have an incident over the weekend which showed this error as a symptom but it should now be resolved.

You may have to logout and clear your browser cache to verify the fix, or test with Chrome Incognito mode. Make sure you run your Repl a couple times and check the output.

The issue still exists. I’m using Replit with Pygame today. My friends and I are all getting it the last couple days and now as well. Refresh it couple time or use Incognito doesnt help at all. This issue has completely stopped my ability to use Replit…

@kevin-replit. Understood. Please try the troubleshooting steps from this thread below.

If unresolved, I’m happy to take a look and confirm whether it works for me on my laptop. That may give you some clues to go on as well. For that, please send me a link to your Repl (if public) or invite me if private:

Thank you. I tried all the above. The issue still exists. I had invited you to my Repl. Thank you

@kevin-replit. Thanks so much. Here’s what I see using Chrome on my Mac laptop on my home network. So no issues with the Repl itself.

I am surprised to hear you went through all the troubleshooting steps in such a short time. What did you find in the network trace?
I hope it’s not a geographic network restriction. I’ve heard of those as well.

@SuzyAtReplit I tried those methods before. Can you elaborate what network trace is? I copied everything to a new Repl again. It seems temporarily solved the issue. The problem is the try again issue will arise from time to time even though it is a new Repl. Hm I am from Canada, my friends from China. Would the geographic network restriction affect our access?

Any internet restriction that a government would issue over the network in a country could affect your access to the Webview (or any web application). In your example, this is probably more relevant to China than Canada.

While I’m glad forking the Repl resolves it – if it comes back up again, I would recommend you go through every troubleshooting method again and record your results/testing here as needed. It sounds like you might have missed some of the methods.

A network trace is a common network troubleshooting method. I think it’s a bit outside the scope of this thread to go into much detail but there’s plenty of information online available or you could ask an IT professional to assist.

I have had the same issue, but forking the repl does nothing and I have tried all other steps.

@Greggles To my knowledge, the Pygame output issues have mostly been addressed. I would recommend making a new post with your issue as it may or may not be related to the previous issues.

Please create a new post with links to your Repl, screenshots/videos, or anything else that is helpful.