Can't Link Custom Domain Using Node.js

Using a regular HTML template, I can link a custom domain. I started a node.js project to create a server for my website. On the web view, I see Devtools and New Tab, but no Custom Domain option.

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Did you already checked the docs?

I believe you have to deploy your server. You can use an Autoscale or Reserved VM Deployment, depending on what you need. (Reserved VM is a constant price that keeps your Repl always awake, while Autoscale charges you on an as-you-go basis and based off of how much traffic your server is getting.) Autoscale is relatively cheap; I believe it’s just 40 cents per month typically. But the Deployments page shows that custom domains are now exclusive to Deployments:

(see “Custom Domains”)

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Welcome to Ask @LemonadeVR! The reason that traditional custom domain linking on Replit was removed is because traditional hosting is being removed from Replit. It is being replaced by deployments ( You can link a custom domain to deployments. Static repls[1] will soon be able to be deployed without a credit card. Non-static repls will require a paid plan to host but will still be able to have custom domains (so long as the repl hosts a website).

  1. repls without a backend ↩︎


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