Changes to Hosting on Replit!

Maybe I’m crazy, but you’re able to deploy static sites for free? (Not hosting but actual deployment deployments?)

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@bobastley yes, but to my knowledge you have to hook up a credit card to your account, and if it goes above the limit it charges you.


@soren Even making it free but requiring a credit card still is an issue as most of your user base doesn’t have a credit card and can’t use their parents. Why can’t you just make it so that it’s free without a credit card and then if it goes above the limit it will disable the website until either:

  1. The “compute units” or whatever renew
  2. The user pays.

Then you wouldn’t have so many people(including me) leaving.


Maybe they should tell you when it’s at the limit, before they start deducting? Then you can do something about it or get prepared (rather than seeing random transactions on your card)


this isnt a upgrade this is getting rid of talented devs that have financal strians or kids

and not to mention most of those are bots lets be honest


We are planning to remove the cc requirement for static deployments soon. Stay tuned!


Not sure why you have this assumption. Everyone who creates a Bounty is required to front the money before being connected to a bounty hunter.


We built a spending limit feature for this reason exactly. Check it out on your account page.


I think they meant most bounties are for a bot to be made (or something along the likes of that).


okay most of the open bounties were due months ago with hundreds of applicants and none accepted they will neaver be done and are simply just there to make the bounty area look useful and everyone knows this


Okay, the notifications are getting on my nerves, so here’s the gist: Hosting on Replit is going to be paid. Static hosting will be free as long as you stay in the limit. I mean, React, Next, and Astro all have options of building static stuff, so most websites can still run. The database? Use Firebase or Replit’s PostgreSQL hosting. The API? Use a hosting provider like Vercel, Wasmer Edge, or others. Or, (what most would prefer) use Replit’s paid plan. It’s only like 20 cents a month. How bad can that be?!?

By the way, I’m not really involved in this, I use my html on a separate platform and I’m a systems programmer. Just stop arguing! If you have a question that is fine, but it is going to be okay as long as we adjust.

Edit: @Firepup650 fair point. Not everything can run off pure static, but with enough work you can get most stuff running.


Not everything can be made to run off pure static pages.

Infinitely more expensive for users who cannot/will not pay. And as for bounties, most of those are AI bounties, and are not within a newbie coder’s skill set.


Okay I’m sorry, I’m trying to calm the community down and didn’t think about a ton of stuff before posting

(my bad, ask mods)

may I remind everyone that Console and normal Output Repls still work fine for free
it’s just ghost forks


We’ve paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to creators in the past few months alone.

There are some stale bounties, but I assure you that Bounties have meaningful activity.


I teach coding classes, and have about 150 new students per semester. 99% of my students are kids with no credit card. We have each student create their own Replit account on the first day of class. When a student finishes a project, we have them put it on our showcase, which also shares a link with their parents so that their parents can see what they’re doing in class.

Starting 2024, it sounds like this sharing of their projects won’t really work anymore, correct? The link won’t work for the parents (or other students who want to see their project on the showcase) once they close their project on Replit?

If so, what’s the best solution for this? As stated above, 99% of my students are kids without credit cards, so having to input a credit card number won’t work. Is there some sort of educational account solution? I as the teacher am willing to input a credit card to allow students to deploy their projects, provided that I’m not paying much (if anything) per month (I don’t make much money from teaching, it’s more of giving back to the community).

I think others have stated this, but I’d much rather have slow hosting (or have to wait a few seconds for Repl to “wake up”) that is completely free with no credit card required, than stable hosting that requires inputting a credit card. This was one of the biggest appeals of Replit.


The solution to that is for the student to invite their teachers/parents/etc. to the Repl. However, this means that anyone they invite must have a Replit account.


For static deployments, the credit card barrier will soon disappear


Oh nice, was this a recent decision that hasn’t been documented yet? So with no credit card on file, what happens when the limit is hit?


I’m not sure. With the current hosting Replit slowly throttles your resources until your project dies. Probably a similar thing. Several users have said they’d rather Replit kill their project than provide a payment method.