Why We Changed Our Resource Limits and Plans

Hi Replit Builders,

We’ve heard your feedback on resource limits and plans, and we want to provide some more transparency into our decision making process. We don’t take these changes lightly, and at the core, we want to make our power features more accessible and paid plans more valuable. All of the details are available in this new blog post.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to give us feedback. It helps us tune the new limits. When we initially rolled out bandwidth limits, working with users helped us adjust the free tier bandwidth limit from 1 GiB/month to 10 GiB/month. We’ll keep listening and evolving. And while we believe the Replit Pro Plan is the best way to experience Replit, we’re still committed to a great experience for all users.

Our mission has not changed. We still want to empower the next billion software creators. And we still want to offer a free Workspace for anyone in the world to learn to code.

We’re excited to see what you build as we raise the ceiling on what’s possible in Replit.

The Replit Team


This definitely answers a lot of my questions.

We also created ways for users to earn a living on the platform so premium features are within reach of anyone who wants to uplevel their programming game.

(second to last paragraph under the More power for users led to increased operating costs heading)

I know this with bounties but as I am actively checking new ones again there are only a handful per day and all are bigger/complex ones with simpler ones being posted once every few days. So for people still learning its harder since there are less bounties they are able to do. And its not easy to find ones you can do also. See Add searchable tags to bounties

Pro and Hacker users will receive On Demand Deployments resources to spend across multiple Repls as part of their monthly subscription.

(under the Even more power header in the bullets)

Not sure if you can share the answer yet or even if you know it but what will the prices be for the on demand deployments and if yes how much credit would hacker and pro users get for it?

Though some questions are still un-answered. This one comes off the top of my head. When are we going to get pricing bundles?


Thanks for your questions, Ethan!

To answer both of these: nothing definitive yet. We’re hard at work on those details and will keep you updated.


A storage limit applying to an entire users account was the weirdest and most sudden update to me.


Exactly. WHY? I want to keep my stuff ( and delete stuff that I don’t need.). Thought about uploading a YouTube video, but changed my mind

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I might be close to quitting replit at this point and going somewhere like code sandbox


Now I have 60 GB of storage that I’ve bought with cycles, so never mind, No need to quit Replit BTW


Did not see this but it has answered a lot of my questions!