Why is this against tos

https://replit.com/@IDevFlight/eaglercraft-server-1-fixxe?v=1 idk why it say its against tos

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Eaglercraft servers are no longer allowed to be hosted on Replit, due to Mojang sending a DMCA takedown. That’s why the repl is against the ToS.


but i worked so hard on that serveer

I can see that, but you should note that Replit could possibly get sued if Eaglercraft servers keep getting hosted. DMCA Takedowns are really serious.


yes but i had over 100 people in my school play on it daily and it was before it was banned

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It was taken down for a good reason though, and you said 100 people in your school played on a server daily? Using Eaglercraft for just that reason…? At that point, it just breaks the Replit ToS. So that’s why it got banned.


yeah the server was part of a compter class

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I’d just recommend you read the Replit ToS if you haven’t.


Please note that even if 100 people play, it should cost a total of: $2,695 USD. Therefore, the problems it causes should be evident, think of the hundreds of thousands of people who are committing illegal acts of intellectual theft for free


there are still eaglercraft servers on replit so idk if this rule is real or not

Im a moderator on the site and this is a rule since Majang sent a DMCA request. There are just tens in not hundreds of thoughts of eaglercraft repls so its very hard to handle all of them.

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and why would mojang file a dmca when its minecraft 1.5.2

Because its still their copyright and instead they can make money on people buying Minecraft to play 1.5.2. And if they allow this others will do it with newer versions thinking its ok


1.5.2 isnt playable anymore on real minecraft and its not minecraft its a rewrite so technically its not, it just looks and acts as it is minecraft

And that’s exactly whats under copyright. Thats why companies don’t copyright code but the result of it.

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well i guess i can just bring over my copy from replit onto an html

of eaglercraft server

it breaks monjang eula/tos too so in a way it was allways ban abble https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/eula


is there anywhere where i can make a eaglercraft server if i cant use replit