What's with the random disconnect/reconnects?

Problem description

I have a paid plan and I get disconnected all the time. I work between two repls – one for my frontend app and another for the backend side. I could be working in both or either of them, actively doing things, and the repls will just randomly disconnect and reconnect. It’s frustrating to have to restart the backend app each time this happens (it’s in dev mode so it auto rebuilds each time and that takes like 40 seconds), or reload the repl’s because it gets stuck in a back and forth ‘disconnected’, ‘connecting’, ‘disconnected’, ‘connecting’ loop.

Backend app is Strapi 4, frontend app is React-Bootstrap. I cannot share them publicly.

Expected behavior

Repls should not randomly disconnect and reconnect, or get stuck in disconnect/reconnect loops.

Actual behavior

Repls randomly disconnect and reconnect, and/or get stuck in disconnect/reconnect loops.

Steps to reproduce

Use any repl for any reason it seems like. This has been happening for a while now on several different projects I’ve played in.


Chrome – memory saver disabled on .replit domain


Windows 10

Device if mobile




Hello @jmather-aipm!

If you want to connect your frontend and backend, you may want to deploy your repl to stop it from disconnecting and reconnecting randomly.

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I don’t think the connection between the two is the problem and I don’t want to deploy anything until it’s ready to be deployed. I’ll find a way to test your theory and get back to you.

Hi @jmather-aipm !

If this happens, try entering kill 1 in the Shell.

When you’re stuck in a loop like that, you can’t use the shell @NateDhaliwal.

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I don’t think it has to do with seperate repls and the connection between them. I could be actively working in one – in the middle of writing some code – and then they both suddenly go down and enter the discon-recon loop.

Hmm, could you try connecting to the other Replit server location? You can do this by going here and changing “Your Server Location”.

Disconn/reconn loop twice this morning so far. Both times while in the middle of writing code.

Yeah sure thing, I was set to North America and now I’m on the Asia server. The this change caused my repl’s to Disconn/reconn loop which is similar behavior to the issue I’m having, but makes total sense to me.

I’ll update again if/when I hit a non-sensical Disconn/reconn loop - thank you!

If that fixed your issue, please mark my post as the solution.

It did not solve the problem and I have since switched back to my local server :frowning:

Then please unmark this reply as the solution.

Could you provide us with more details?

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Hi @jmather-aipm !
Can you try pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R to refresh the page and cache?

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I haven’t marked any response as the solution – so there is nothing to unmark.

And I’m not sure what other details I can provide? I’m working in my repl when it randomly disconn/reconn loops. I’m paying for the Core plan, and I’m working in here as part of my job while developing an app for my employer.

One is node running strapi 4 being managed with yarn, and the other is a react-bootstrap frontend managed by npm.

I have no other ability to debug or gather more details on the server level – what other details would you like?

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How frequently has it been disconnecting?

I’ve been using shift+f5 since I’m using chrome, and that has never helped. I just used ctrl+shift+r, though, I’ll report back when i diconn/reconn again.

It could be once a day, it could be 4 times a day, it could be seconds after I click the play button, or hours after and while I’m writing code. It does not seem to be consistent with any kind of timing, as I have not yet picked up on when I can expect it to happen.

Is your internet connection good? Maybe try running a speed test:

To be clear, only the react frontend app has had the issue of quickly disconnecting after i click play and vite runs the app. The strapi repl has never instantly gone down after I click play, that I can recall.

And very rarely, one will go down and not the other. But most of the time if one of the repls goes down, they both do.

I beileve this happens to me when I am either running very resource-intensive programs or my internet is not very fast.

Nearly 100 Mbp down and 40 up. And I maintain a vpn connection to my office 24/7 with no issues.

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