What's with the random disconnect/reconnects?

Is your Repl running very resource-intensive programs?

No sir, Strapi 4 on one, and a simple early stage React project on the other. I’m not computing anything server side in the React app, but on occasion I do on the Strapi 4 side. I’ve put that through its paces, though, and really gave it hell doing bulk updates and there was never an issue that seemed to be related to that.

Though I wonder if TypeScript has anything to do with it? Does the type checking happen server or client side? Would a large file cause problems?

A large file has a good chance to cause some issues. Do you have any?

No nothing enormous, 1300 lines is probably the largest. I thought about it and I doubt that tsx is the problem.

What about long file histories (Im at 23,777 on the current file I’m working in) or how it saves while changes are being made to create the history?

So the problem has not improved at all, I still get randomly disconnected/reconnected and have to run my project multiple times each day while I’m working on it.

Deploying definitely solves the problem with disconn/reconn, but creates other larger problems due to being deployed. Mainly that I’m running Strapui 4 on sqlite while I’m still setting up the schema.

I still don’t believe it could be caused by my internet connection – how could I stream games via Geforce Now all day without interruption, but not stay connected to my replit server for an hour without issue?

Today I’m running a test by remoting into my office and running my replit project from there. The office is in the metro Detroit area and is getting 636 Mbps down and 38 Mbps up. I will report my findings either as I get disconnected or at the end of the day if I do not.

9:51 am - randomly disconnected just a few minutes after running.

3:44 pm - randomly disconnected from second repl that is running react on vite.

Yeah it doesn’t help – I’ve been disconnected multiple times today :frowning: