What’s the most useful programming language?

Just a line from Star Wars. Popped up in my head when you said “dark force”

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ngl binary is by far the most useful. You can literally do anything with it.

nobody said anything about usability :person_shrugging:


You should add “programming directly to binary” lol. It’s a joke but you could add it if you want to.
Someone just said that, woopsies

also for the vote, does it mean plain javascript, or nodejs as well?

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Node.js is JavaScript kind of it’s a framework iirc sooo… yeah I guess.

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Node.js = JS on a runtime in a specialized environment

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If we consider a single pebble as the basic unit of information, we can still devise a rudimentary form of computation. In this scenario, we can assign two states to the pebble, such as “present” and “absent” or “on” and “off,” similar to the concept of a binary bit.

We can manipulate the pebble’s state and use it to perform simple logical operations. We could have rules that determine how the pebble’s state changes based on certain conditions or inputs. We can create basic logic gates, such as AND, OR, and NOT, using these state changes.

the pebble language?

C & C++ are the most useful programming languages, while C# is the most unless programming language. Why did you combine them ?
many languages uses C libraries, so having C programming knowledge is very useful :

  • Cython = C libraries + Python
  • CGo = C libraries + GoLang

C# ? about to die off !


IMO swift is just Apple’s Python.

Also I find it funny that somehow Java hasn’t gotten a single vote yet, and yet a lot of people say they (like to) use it.


I’d say that Python JS and HTML are all very useful for data science (python), and web frameworks (Python, JS, HTML)
C++ and C# for games, quite important. And I daresay Dart for Flutter apps.

wha- what- what???

Why “daresay”? Dart is fine?

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Did you know, JavaScript can also be used (along with HTML and CSS) to make desktop apps?
This can be done using electron.js.

JavaScript is amazing lol


Lol there’s literally a thing called Atwood’s Law that says “Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.”
I think that’s a bit of a bold statement personally, but it seems like it’s happening, so who knows?