What’s the most useful programming language?

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++/C#
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Rust

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Tell me what I should add to the list!

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It is python, as you can do tons of stuff easily … just remeber lately replit is quite slow with it


@not-ethan i cant edit the post, can you add Go as an option pls

No that restriction even applies to admins,

whyyyyyyyyy :C it’s so annoying

Python has always been my go to for programming. (Probably because I don’t know any others that well). :man_shrugging:


JavaScript can be used both FRONTEND and BACKEND at the EXACT SAME TIME (sorry for caps). That’s useful if I’ve ever heard of it. Python is pretty good I guess, but JavaScript is the most useful. Millions of people use the web and JavaScript is how you make your website stand out. Java, Rust, Swift, and C++ are all used for apps (correct me if I’m wrong) and apps are very clunky if you have many of them. A lot of tasks, small or big, can be done with JavaScript that runs on the web. No clunkiness there, and it’s easier for people to use it, and it’s easier for the user to use it.


Yeah javascript is great

So can Python…

And Python can also be used to create games (well Ig kaboom exists but eh), apps, and basically anything else

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I didn’t know Python could be used frontend… or maybe I’m missing something. Also I should add that JavaScript can literally run with .html (or .htm) so you don’t need any Python apps.

Just a browser.

Add nim to the list! :))))

Jinja, PyScript, etc.

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Can PyScript/Jinja run without Python backend? How can I set this up in an .html file?

I don’t know about Jinja, but PyScript doesn’t need any backend. It gets compiled to JS IIRC…

I made a template with it:


You can do this with regular Javascript. A LOT of games exist that are made from Javascript but don’t use Kaboom. I don’t know too much about it but I remember it like text Scratch.


I went full 0 iq there.

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Let me jump in, as i am a JS hater who has used it nevertheless :slight_smile:

Python is the better choice in terms of versatility and for learning programming. Everything can be basically done and the number of bad programming habits you get form Python are less then in JS.
JS is the better choice when focus is on web front end and as scripting for web frameworks (even if my favourite Angular uses Typescript).

This said, which language is most useful depends on many things and neither is a good choice to learn programming because they are too relaxed and allow for bad programming to be hacked together (JS is a champion in that).

BTW this back-end and front end thing. It is debatable if Python is doing front end and JS back-end. When we use frameworks, these languages go back to being just scripting languages more than programming languages (as the frameworks needs to be learnt).


I started learning with nothing but JS.

Unfortunately you are not the only one … :frowning: The appeal of the dark force is huge :slight_smile: