What project should we make next?

What project should our team work on now?

  • A chat app
  • A game
  • A forums website

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Option 4: Something that works (a really challenging task for us computer geeks)

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wow everyone wants a game

i wanted to make a chat app

oh nevermind

It is winning, as of now.

It would be quite interesting to make a python (or a general CLI) chat app that solely functions in the console.

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Yeah, but I was thinking making it as a website so I can add more features like group chat.

It seems though that “a game” is winning right now.

Can I join your team? I know lots of HTML, JS and CSS!

Show me some of your css skills, I’m really bad at css lol

I didn’t make any repls with CSS so here’s some:

#someText {
  text-align: center;
  font-size: 32px;
  color: blue;

#someImage {
  width: 150%;
  height: 500;

Ok whatever I’ll add you

Check your notifications

I guess we will be making a game. The problem is, we don’t have anybody who can help a game apart from me lol

Well, if there’s database and multiplayer, then I can help…

Then make a chat app! Or do both! :smile:

Chat apps are a nice fun simple project that can help you learn about server-client communication, which could actually be useful for a game. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I’ll do the first 2 options, the most popular one first, and then the second most popular one.

Seems like everyone would like a game. I need some game ideas though, as I’m bad at making game ideas.

Please stop requesting to join the team here by the way, instead request here: I need people to join my team