I need people to join my team

There are some stuff that a can’t make, or test alone. Either they need multiple people to test, or it’s to hard to make by myself.

If you want to join, please read criteria first


  • If you want to help make games, you need to know how to use godot, and use only update 3.4.
  • You need to be active
  • You can also work on games without needing godot, for example you can make assets and sounds.
  • If you’re helping us make web apps, you need experience with react, next.js, css, and other stuff. You can also help with the database instead if you want to.

To join, just reply to this saying:

  • What you will be working on(games/assets/music/sounds etc.)
  • Show some example projects with some of your work.

I know HTML, CSS, and JS. Would I be able to join in creating web games?
Below are some of the web games I made or am still working on:

First Web Game I made. Made for laptop.

Most recent Web Game. Made for laptop.

Currently In Development. Made for multiple devices.

I feel each game is improving in element positioning, scaling for devices, and more.


Can I join? I know Next.js React TypeScript but I don’t have much previous work on it other than this unfinished clicker game:

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We are not going to be creating games with vanilla html, css, and JavaScript unfortunately. We will be using godot to make games. You can still join on the web development though.

I’ll add you to the team :slight_smile:

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How do I join the web dev? Also, I may not be able to help with the game programming, but I can definitely help with balance and knowing what needs to change to make a better playing experience

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I know HTML, JS and CSS. Can I join?

My Clicker Game
My Clicker Game (in Replit)

Some experience with react and next.js will do.

We won’t be using vanilla htm, and js unfortunately. If you know some react and the hooks, and some next.js, you can join

May I join the team?
I know Python, Css, Js, HTML and some C++ and Godot(basics)
My best game(HTML, CSS, JS) :
My website:

Will the database be Replit DB and when you say music, do you mean searching for music online?

  1. Well we if we will use replDB. 2) ye
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That is a cool game, but how much do you know about godot?

Then can I join @Bedrockminer? You can check out my profile to see my projects.

I don’t see any godot projects there. Could you compile one to html and put it into Replit? (After importing the compiled project, rename the html file to “index.html”)

He didn’t say that he had experience with Godot.

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Yes, sorry, I should have made it more clearer. Can I join for the database and music?

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Sure, but I will be active on another team, because I’m working on a programming language.

Not really much, but I made a platformer with a tutorial a long time ago.

With godot? Or something else?