What programming language do you regret learning

You know something? I don’t regret learning scratch and block coding. It taught be the fundamentals of coding and helped me to understand Python better when I was beginning to learn it.

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scratch is programming though isn’t it?

It is but not really a language


Man, I really regretted learning PHP. It gave me the most stressful days of my entire life to the point that I completely stopped working with programming for 4 years.

i remember using php when I couldn’t find out how to get an html login system work on pure HTML and JS.

I will never be able to make proper use out of scratch and its code, waste of time.


A waste of time for more or less experienced programmers, but not for children and beginners.

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true, it did start my interest in programming to begin with, so its not a compete waste of time, just has no use now for me.

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Scratch was fun for me as a kid. It allowed me to just make cool and weird fun stuff happen without really any set up at all. Plus, for a time I used it to experimentally animate (using the “costumes”).

But professionally it’s essentially useless.

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When I first started learning to code, I used a platform called CodeHS, and looking back, I really regret it. They taught me to code using a system called Karel, which I didn’t enjoy at all. Later, I discovered Python and began a “100 Days of Code” challenge on Replit, which I absolutely loved. During this time, I even created text-based games.

However, I eventually gave up on coding and decided to take web design classes at school. These classes, which initially started on CodeHS, used visual blocks instead of teaching me how to write actual code. This made me lose interest in web design too.

Then, I learned about the power of ChatGPT, which can teach you various things. I began learning HTML, CSS, and Java with its help, and this journey led to me creating BlueWeb, which I’m very proud of. You can check it out here: BlueWeb on Replit.

In summary, my coding journey taught me an important lesson: it’s best to avoid learning programming with tools like Scratch or CodeHS. Instead, I recommend resources like Replit’s “100 Days of Code,” informative YouTube videos, and, if possible, learning with ChatGPT.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like many people only look at ChatGPT as a quick way to write code or solve bugs, what people don’t realize is that it is extremely good at teaching you programming concepts without taking classes or boot camps. I learned basically all the Java and Assembly (which is relatively limited but still) I know through ChatGPT, and you can always ask it to reword a concept to make it easier to understand or generate examples based on how you would actually use concepts in your projects.

Now that I think about it this is probably pretty known information lol