What programming language do you regret learning

I regret learning this programming language
  • Python
  • HTML, CSS and JS
  • Node.js
  • C++
  • C#
  • Other (comment)

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Other: Scratch Code


  1. useless: Block code will not help you do anything. Game creation, sure. I can bet that everyone that has used Scratch probably didn’t make anything useful and the games that made, they never really played for fun.
  2. limited: you are not allowed to do fun stuff without being good, or scratch just doesn’t let you. For example, if you want to make a counter that counts your score and without using visible variables (?!) you need to do a bunch of nonsense to get it to work. For javascript, you only need a few lines of code. Also, if you want to make a good multiplayer game (not that you were good enough to make it fun) you are restricted to only 5 cloud variables, IIRC. Furthermore, you have to wait for 5-6 weeks until you are verified. You need to be verified to get access to those 5 variables.
  3. limiting part 2: once I recognized Scratch as coding, I never really expanded to any actual languages because it looked hard; Scratch made their code very readable. Like actually readable like a book. Had I not started with Scratch, I bet I would have started coding with Python because that intrigued me (now I know that JS is better >:) haha) and I actually only started text-based coding because I was forced to (and I liked it so here I am) but I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have to (that made no sense).

Summary: Scratch is useless.

Edit: oh shoot, they were talking about a programming language. For me, the answer is nothing. I won’t delete that, though, because it took me WAY too long to type that out.


C++ and Scratch

  • Scratch: useless in real world situations (like @doxr said), given that tho, it’s what brought me to coding in the first place so I have to give it some respect
  • C++: seriously, it’s C++, it’s not meant to be easy, just C with classes, a superset. I mean, what’s to like about std::cout<<"hello world"<<endl;? It’s what C++ essentially is: ugly, and hard to learn. If you are looking towards C++, skip it and learn Nim or Rust or smth. Granted, it’s somehow one of the world’s most popular languages right now.

TL;DR: Scratch is useless but I respect it, and I despise C++

Edit: I also regret learning Java


Idk man I play Griffpatch’s scratch projects for fun lol


I regret trying to learn A-Frame VR do to the fact that I don’t have a set of virtual reality goggles


Visual Basic, had to learn for school but it’s a dead language and it’s dumb imo that schools are teaching using old outdated standards.


Yeah, he’s one of the few exceptions.


1 - It’s just ugly blocks and it just attracts people from Python and JS and C++ and stuff like that cause way easier
2 - Stricter rules: I got banned on it and I practically didn’t do anything wrong
3 - You have to wait like 5 years (actually 3 weeks) to become a scratcher and use cloud variables
4 - Has a limit of 10 cloud variables but in other languages you can use databases which are like cloud variables but you can have 1 million keys

Scratch is useless and bad word that will get me banned from Replit

Edit: Also Griffpatch is famous though I bet I know more Python than him
Second edit: I’m actually happy I got banned from scratch cause now I’m doing REAL coding

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Griffpatch is an actual programmer who uses Scratch for fun…


@MattDESTROYER I know he said that he does Java but still he wastes his time on Scratch

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He also does frontend JavaScript.

He doesn’t waste his time. He’s doing what he enjoys, and that is simply teaching others. Have you never had a hobby before? If not, then I’m sorry.

And if you do know more python than him, then good for you, he doesn’t care :slight_smile:

Anyway, let’s end this here. We’re getting too off-topic.


I don’t regret any programming language I’ve learned.


It’s not useless. You can learn the basics of coding there, though it can’t be used for a lot of stuff.

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If I have to pick one is node.js but as @OmegaOrbitals said, I do not truly regret any.
I would say I probably stopped using 95% of them. I mostly regret that some languages died (like elm).

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Yeah, after learning Java I dislike C++ But Java is still the best language!

Scratch just takes too long to do anything.

Just use TurboWarp :sunglasses:

I found another Rust enthusiast hehehe-ahem

Anyways, I don’t think you should discourage someone from learning a programming language, as what would that do for anyone if it would have turned out very beneficial for them. Even so, it becomes a learning experience that they can build from and improve. To discourage someone from learning a programming language is to tell someone that they shouldn’t start making art, or to tell them that they won’t benefit from a music career.

Instead you should help guide people in the path they want to take. C++ has taught me a lot about structuring code, and how to be grateful for higher-interpreted languages.

In my opinion, I regret nothing, even if I wind up never using a programming language again, I will never take back my decision in having learned it.


Personally, I think any block coding is not something you should learn.

  1. Programming languages like Python are easy to learn
  2. Block coding has basically no use professionally
  3. Colleges and schools only teach it to introduce you to programming concepts that can be taught using an actual programming language
  4. Not very fast and usually limited on functionality/flexibility
  5. Likely doesn’t have any libraries or packages for ease of use

However, block coding is not all terrible. For example, schools would probably not teach any programming at all if not for programs like Scratch and code.org because of the complexity of installing them and etc. Plus, computer science concepts are challenging to learn, and teaching them to large groups of students that likely just want to play games is much more of a hassle compared to teaching them something easy and fun to use like block coding.
Block coding is a gateway to coding, as people who enjoy it are likely to start programming in actual languages like Python and C++.

In my opinion, I wish people completely skipped learning block coding, even though there are probably worse choices you can make like learning Java.


Woah woah woah wait upp

What did JS ever do to you?