What are reactions?

Reactions allow users to React to a post from a choice of emojis, rather than only the Like heart.

A reaction can be created either by clicking the like icon or by hovering and selecting a reaction from the reaction picker.


To remove a reaction, click the reaction again. (after 24 hours you can no longer do this)

On the left side of the post, there will be a list of reactions. Hovering on a reaction will show who used it. Clicking on any of the reactions will open up a list showing everyone who used any reaction on that post.



When should I use reactions?

Reactions are often used if you want to reply but your post isn’t long enough. A full list of reactions and what they are generally used for is below:

Reaction When to use/meaning
:heart: Heart “Thank you for replying”
:+1: +1 (Thumbs up) “Yes”, “I agree”, “OK”
:laughing: Laughing Funny
:open_mouth: Open mouth Surprised/shocked
:clap: Clap “Good job!”
:person_shrugging: Person shrugging “I don’t know, but I did see your post”
:tada: Tada (Confetti) “Congratulations!”
:upside_down_face: Upside down face New reaction ideas - #107 by UMARismyname
:rocket: Rocket “Great response/topic”, “Exactly”
:question: Question “Could you provide more information?”, “I don’t understand”