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Vote and reply with anything you want added (If I can edit them).

Frontend Language
  • JavaScript
  • Any w/ WASM
  • Nim
  • Python (there are ways)

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Frontend Framework
  • React (JS)
  • Vue (JS)
  • Angular (JS)
  • JQuery (JS)
  • ASM-dom (C++ WASM)
  • Karax (Nim)

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Backend Framework
  • Express (Node)
  • Flask (python)
  • Django (python)
  • Rails (Ruby)
  • ASP.NET (C#?)
  • Jester (Nim)

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You are forgetting C and so many others!


Might you consider adding Preact for web frameworks?

C falls into Any w/ WASM for the first one, and I don’t know of any backend http servers for C.

Edit: It has been 5 minutes, I cannot change the poll :frowning:

You can do backend HTTP in C!

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What is the framework? You can do almost anything in C

Nooooo! Why so much js users! /j and also kind of /nj

I love doing frontend in C/ncurses


fcgiwrap+cgi scripts in C lets you do backend in C. :slight_smile:


Ncurses has nothing to do with the web XD

what is front end framework? ??/?


by python frontend do you mean PyScript?


what- where is html?

HTTP === web // true

It uses HTTP (with libcurl), so it has everything to do with the :spider_web:.

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is it bad i don’t know anything on here other than python, and anything js other than the last two on the second poll

No, it’s not bad. The only one I know on the second poll is React, and I’d hardly say I “know” it.

im talking about didn’t even know they exist

Oh, I haven’t heard of ASM-dom or Karax before either.

i didn’t know about vue or angular.js, ASM-dom, Karax, Nim, what ever w/WASM is, Django.python, Rails.ruby, ASP.NET, Jester.nim.

btw my first message is messed up because i swear these polls are broken and i only had the first two showing and the option were in different orders.

Same thing as a backend framework except it is on the browser.

There are more ways, but that is one of them

I guess I should have specified programming language.

@OwenStritz Nim is python but fast and typed (simply). WASM is web assembly, which lets you run machine code in the web. ASM dom uses WASM, afaik it is c++ react. All the others are pretty common, so you will learn about them eventually

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