Vite is pronounced "veet"?

I was today years old when I found out how to pronounce Vite…


Until now (that is, seeing this post and looking it up) I always pronounced it as “Vajt” (IPA pronounciation). Now I see it is actually “Veet” too

It’s Italian tho, so that’s why
Those weird Italians and their weird language



For real man lol

But you can’t blame them really when you speak/write the world’s most irregular language ever: English. Not to be a nerd, but it has more exceptions and irregularities than actual words, then you get into pronunciation and slang and it gets real weird.
Edit: fixed a minor spelling mistake

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And the word “pronunciation.” For the longest time, I thought it was pronounciation.

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I thought it was pronounced “white” or something like that.

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oh dear, it’s ok, hush hush.

I pronounce salmon with the “l”.

Also I don’t know if anyone knows this (I discovered it like a week ago), Svelte is pronounced (pronounced vs pronunciation; yet another exception in English ugh) /s-felt-ay/

I still do that for the fun of annoying others sometimes

First time seeing that word and i guess the pronunciation correctly. +1 win

That would be pronounced vee-tay. I think the website says it’s French.

Depends what you think Vite aligns best with I suppose: lives (Italian) or fast (French)?


I consciously know everyone else says it without the l. I don’t do it to spite others, that’s just how I say, my parents say i have a half-British accent and I’m not British

Yes, sometimes by brain thinks one thing and my fingers type another. And I don’t feel like going back and editing it

Fast will do

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The crazy thing is that I also found out how to pronounce Vite a few days ago, and was going to make a topic about it.

Which way do you pronounce “boolean”
  • /bool-ee-an/
  • /boo-leen/

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Isn’t it French? I speak French and fast is vite in French.

See this

Who would ever say Boo Leen?

Lesson: if you see someone say boo lean then tell them that they’re wrong. Also veetay is kind of weird but that’s normal.

Id see vee-tay being pronunciation from spanish, with the ee sound in i and ay sound in e