Vite is pronounced "veet"?

Also I don’t know if anyone knows this (I discovered it like a week ago), Svelte is pronounced (pronounced vs pronunciation; yet another exception in English ugh) /s-felt-ay/

I still do that for the fun of annoying others sometimes

First time seeing that word and i guess the pronunciation correctly. +1 win

That would be pronounced vee-tay. I think the website says it’s French.

Depends what you think Vite aligns best with I suppose: lives (Italian) or fast (French)?


I consciously know everyone else says it without the l. I don’t do it to spite others, that’s just how I say, my parents say i have a half-British accent and I’m not British

Yes, sometimes by brain thinks one thing and my fingers type another. And I don’t feel like going back and editing it

Fast will do

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The crazy thing is that I also found out how to pronounce Vite a few days ago, and was going to make a topic about it.

Which way do you pronounce “boolean”
  • /bool-ee-an/
  • /boo-leen/

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Isn’t it French? I speak French and fast is vite in French.

See this

Who would ever say Boo Leen?

Lesson: if you see someone say boo lean then tell them that they’re wrong. Also veetay is kind of weird but that’s normal.

Id see vee-tay being pronunciation from spanish, with the ee sound in i and ay sound in e

I thought Vee tay was French, sorry, I’m confused lol

I know a few people…

italian language :scream:

Refer here

I think they meant they are scared of Italy, instead,

Why are they scared of Italy?

Italy is a scary place, you’ll find a lot of scary things there (like Veetay)

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Hi guys, let’s please stay on-topic (vite’s pronunciation being weird)