Urgent: I need help(Crosis Error)

Instead of fixing my problem you are flagging my comment for help. I am core member account and I should not be having errors that your team cannot fix. I have sent you several messages to fix my code and up until now you have not fixed my problem. I am still having the same problem. What sort of help do you provide to users of your website or do I have to take this up with you???

I said:

None of my codes are running on replit, and I am a core replit member, what´s happening. When I run any of my programs on replit, I am getting a crosis error that says client is not found.

Here is the link to my program:- https://replit.com/@AlisiaHabibi1/Tuesdays-7pm-Ice-Cream-Shop#main.py

Hi @AlisiaHabibi1 !
What is the problem exactly? Where was your post flagged?

Try forking the repl and see if the forked version works.
Or enter kill 1 in the Shell in the current repl.

one of your colleagues keeps flagging posts I send about my replit not working without helping me fix my program. I am quite disappointed as I have not received any help to fix the problem I am experiencing.

The problem I am having is:

I do not know why I cannot run my Python code on replit, whenever I run the code it gives me a message of crosis error, I do not know why this is happening. Can you please check and fix the bug.
Here is the link to my code:- https://replit.com/@AlisiaHabibi1/Tuesdays-7pm-Ice-Cream-Shop 1

I am a replit core member


I tried that and it still does not work. When I run the program, it just runs a bit and stops. My programs were working fine yesterday, and now some of them do not run. Even when I create a new program with the turtle library, it still does not work. This could be an issue with the replit server, i am not sure. I need help fixing it because I cannot run my program.

We are volunteers. We do not work for Replit.

Because you are making multiple topics with the same question. The Community Standards states that creating multiple topics with the same issue will result in your topics being flagged and deleted, and possibly cause you a warning:

You absolutely have. Ethan (@ not-ethan) responded to your original topic, advising you to run kill 1 in the shell.

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I already mentioned that the solution given did not solve my problem. The problem still persists. What is the solution?

Okay, but saying that you received no help is an untrue statement.

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Help means when something is suggested to actually work for the party asking for it. Nothing suggested to me has worked, and no message has been sent to me as to what the next step is. As a core member I would expect more from replit´s support team. So, I am right in saying that I received no help.

Again, we are community members volunteering our time.

You can get support from Replit directly by clicking this help button:


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I have already done that. Support team is proper to handle my problem, which they will when they are online.

Your repl appears to be private. Could you make it public so that we can view it?


I just made it public. Here is the link:- https://replit.com/@AlisiaHabibi1/Tuesdays-7pm-Ice-Cream-Shop

Thanks for volunteering to find a solution. Hopefully, it gets fixed.

I don’t see any problem; the Turtle graphics look fine.
Can you send a screenshot of the Crosis error?

The problem is that the animation of the dripping ice cream scoop needs to work to run all 8 frame pictures in the program as it has done in my previous program that actually works. Also, I am unable to create any new Python replit program with a turtle library and get it to run, I cannot even maximize the output of the Python turtle screen after the program runs. I have included a screen shot below that shows the failed Python program run and a link to a Python program that shows a successful Python program run of the same program as an example to illustrate what´s happening.


Successful Python Program Run To Look Like This:-

Press the button:

Could you share a screenshot?

Your 2 programs would run differently anyway, as the code in each of the repls are different.
I don’t see a Crosis error. What are you referring to?

As I have mentioned the program I shared in the screenshot I sent you does not work. I know what the expected output is supposed to be as I created it. The program link I shared with you is the expected output in terms of the home screen, which again does not work in the program shared via screenshot. I also know how to maximize a program , which I have done and does not work. This program needs to be addressed by the support team as it is a problem from the replit server/system on their side which needs to be addressed. I have already sent them a message. Thanks for the attempt to help.

Again, have you tried to run kill 1 in the shell again? Like not once you can run it again it won’t destroy your repl :slight_smile:
It may fix the window problem

Also, from this link (https://replit.com/@AlisiaHabibi1/Tuesdays-7pm-Ice-Cream-Shop) I can actually see all 8 frames working, I don’t understand your problem about frames.

The animation of the dripping ice cream needs to work on home screen just like the program I sent you in the link. The kill 1 thing does not work, I have tried it multiple times now.

Could you send a screen recording of the multiple things, including the expected behaviour and full-screen problems?