Проблема с связью uptimerobot и replit

Добрый день!
Последнее время боты на python стали выключается сами, но раньше все работало нормально.
С чем это связано?

i just translated Good afternoon
Recently, bots in Python have been turning off on their own, but before everything worked fine.
What is this connected with? using google translate

Hey @GausIvan welcome to the forums!

Free hosting does not exist anymore. Please view this for more info Changes to Hosting on Replit!

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Это связано с тем, что вам нужно использовать развёртывание Received VM для запуска бота, а не UptimeRobot.

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yo he on the wrong server?

What do you mean by “server”?

@GausIvan if you know English it would be very helpful to type it thank very much sir

some times there different severs for different countrys like an american server or a Europe server
that way people who are apart of a different country can talk with others who speak there lauguage

There is no division into servers by country in Replit Ask, as the Replit Ask community is too small.

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Oh, so that might be a problem cause there could be people in the future asking for help and they speak another language besides English and we can’t help them cause we all don’t speak that language.

We’ve had support requests in a variety of languages, and we always help regardless. Google Translate definitely helps a lot.


ok thank you for the heads up

Здравствуйте, Вы нашли ответ?

Решение проблемы заключается в том, чтобы запускать своих ботов с помощью развёртываний Reserved VM вместо использования функции Always On или запуска параллельно с ботом Flask сервера и пинга этого сервера с помощью Uptime Robot. Короче говоря, единственным способом хостинга бота стали развёртывания, и вы должны их использовать.

короче говоря нужна платит

Да. Для хостинга на Replit теперь нужно платить.

Unfortunately, Replit has disabled UptimeRobot’s access to the servers that our scripts are connected to. I learned about this from one form:End of support for repl.co & recent issues explained | UptimeRobot Blog