Turtle output window disappears after done running

Recently, my turtle output window disappears after done running. However, I remember it used to be showing all the time after running? Is there a new setting???

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just do input() to not make it black out

Hey @MiaoyaZhong1!

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. I created a Python (with Turtle) Repl and clicked the run button. After that, I was able to see the output window, and it didn’t disappear or go black:

If you’re still seeing issues, can you please send me the link to your Repl so I can take a look?



I asked him to add the line input() at the end so it stays open but before that line he was having the problem of it closing.

Here is another student I have that is having this difficulty


Thank you for the info!

I still haven’t been able to reproduce this, even when copying the same environment as the Repls you shared. Can you please have the student create a loom.com video and share the link here so I can see what the issue looks like and how it behaves?

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It works in the project page, but when you are in coding page it will disappear even with the turtle templet.

I ran it once already. The output won’t stay on the screen but become black screen immediately. Currently, I ask the student to run in debugger mode or add input()by the end.

Can you send me the link to your Repl so I can take a look? Also, can you please try using a different browser, network, and/or device?

It is just the default code. I didn’t change anything. I think it might be the browser issue for Chrome. I run Replit in Edge then it works. But most of my student use Chrome, I think that is why we have it.

Got it! Fixed the issue with screen.mainloop()

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