Trouble Making Repl

H need help with making a replit. The code never loads but everything else is idenfitied, and if I try to add something to my Repl it says something went wrong.
Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:
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Screenshot 2024-03-19 1.59.41 PM

I cannot get a code snippet.

Edit: I did not include the image of code in a reply because shortly after this was posted the code has begun loading, it has not changed with adding files though.

Can you add files named something other than index.js? That seems to cause issues in HTML/CSS/JS Repls[1].

  1. ref: Project not found error ↩︎

Probably not, when I got this bug I couldn’t create any files. Can't create files and created files won't load

This is a node.js project.

Apologies, I should have checked that. Does the issue still occur for you as of today?