Project not found error

When I try to run the project, it just says not found. Even if I open the web page of the project, it still won’t run. I don’t really care about the code errors as I can fix those later, but right now I am unable to work on the project and I don’t know why.

It worked before but I think I might have done something to the code as it no longer works, I have tried to reload the page, sharing the project and opening it on a separate device, copying the project and running the copy, creating a new project and recreating the files and copy pasting the contents (it does not give me the not found error until I paste the content of the index.js file), running it in a different browser browser, running it in with a different internet, asked the built in AI with no success.

If I make a new project and copy everything except the index.js file, I don’t get the error. If I then paste the index.js file I get the error. But if I then remove the index.js, the project never works again. Even if I remove all files except the index.html file and remove everything the index.html file other than , I still the the error.

Please help I am so confused!

Project link:


Hello @FrankOstemar!

Is there srcdoc in the URL box for the webview? If so, try removing that.
Does your webview work if you open it in a new tab?

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Most of the time, it’s just random numbers, but sometimes it shows up. I tried removing the srcdoc, but it didn’t work. I also tried removing the numbers but still no success.

Did you try importing variables into files that do not have them like the canvas’ context and/or exporting functions?

I tried exporting and importing both function and variables, but it didn’t make a difference, something to note is that this all started when I added the setTimeout in the setInterval function, so that might have something to do with it. But even after removing it before copying it to another project, it still won’t work.

I think I’ve solved it now, I’m so stupid, the variable named location that was used to spawn stuff, changes to url to a a random number (where sometimes it says srcdoc) :sweat_smile:

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