The Year is my Cheer!


Good work, but remember the Ask forum aren’t about getting to the top of the cheer leaderboard, the Ask forum is about helping programmers with their programming/Replit related issues. :slight_smile:


Yes just thought it was cool XD

I’m #5 :slight_smile: approaching

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place #28 on the leader board

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I look at the leaderboard by day and week because I am in 12th place for all time but this past week I’ve been in the top 3 or even #1 for daily.

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Amazing! You deserve it more, apparently I’m too simple-minded and don’t focus on helping :frowning:

What exactly are “cheers”?


does hearts count?

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Yes, hearts count. Sometimes I wonder if hearts are the only ones that count.

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score of engagement with community

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No cheers are on how much you have done within the community like @UMARismyname. You can view the ones in this folder but we have modified the values


I found the cheers.