The MongoDB issue...again

I know that this has been an issue for quite some time and that it will be a complex fix but now it is becoming more frustrating. I used to be able to get it to work again within an hour or two and it would only stop working every few days, however, now the topology issue occurs every day and I can’t get it to work with “kill 1” for 10+ hours. Any updates would be appreciated as my 800+ daily users are getting impatient now.

And it’s weird because it’s my boosted repl that has this issue and one of my non-boosted ones has never had any issues connecting to MongoDB

Hi there! Replit staff is working as hard as they can on this, so I’m afraid it may take a while longer. You could tell your 800+ users that there are bugs with MongoDB beyond your control, I’m sure they would understand. If not, you can try to export the project and host it somewhere else.


Hey @ryedbadr1!

I’m sorry to hear that you are affected by the MongoDB issue. Can you please send me the link to the Repl that is having trouble so we can investigate?

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Is this possible to do while still keeping it private?

Sure! You can direct message me by clicking on my username and then clicking “message”

(shows your account in the example because I can’t message myself)


Hay all! If you are having trouble connecting to MongoDB on Replit, can you please send the following to and use the subject “MongoDB issue”:
1. The link to your Repl
2. A screenshot of the error
3. A timestamp (in the UTC timezone) of when the error occurred
4. Run dig @ in the shell (use the cluster that you are connecting to) and send me a screenshot of the output

Once we have enough data on this issue, we should be able to pinpoint where the issue is coming from!

Thank you all, we have enough data on the issue at this time, and as of Apr 10th, 2023 we are waiting for an upstream service to respond so we can move forward with the investigation.