The end of teams for education

So I have received an email that announces that Teams for education will be deprecated as of November 15th, anybody else as well.

I had been a long-term user of the feature, early adopter, beta-tester, even a paying customer of the feature before they reverted to free plan. My teaching depends on Repl heavily.

Can anoyne give me a tip where to migrate?


Good question. I’m looking at the same. I’ve investigated CodeHS. I like some aspects of it, however the paid subscription is far beyond cost prohibitive.

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Same here just received the email a few minutes ago and I can say very disappointed. We hear about the importance of teaching computer science and coding to K-12 students and every free option seems to be going away. Why use a platform that prevents that. It was a great teaching tool but it seems they no longer wish to support education only paying customers. I guess that is par for the course. Looks like I will be looking for other options any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Having JUST migrated to Replit for Education, I am having to look for a new platform. I too will be looking for other methods to teaching while still having control over student submission and work.


Same issue for Hackingtons.
We have 1,200 users on Teams. Support ends tomorrow? What does that really mean?

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Maintaining a free platform is expensive. I get it, and I know that Replit is a business out to make a profit. But as a teacher, I have roughly 40-50 new students each year. That’s 40-50 potential paying customers that would not have been exposed to the platform if not for me using it in the classroom. Multiply that by the number of teachers that will now abandon Teams for Edu, and that’s quite a few potential customers that will probably never know about Replit…


How can we export stuff? I’m devastated and need to save all my lessons


Agree with this. As much as I dislike Microsoft as a company, they understand this point. I used Visual Studio for years because Microsoft offered a free version (they still do). VS was too heavy for my intro students, though, and Replit was a great intro platform.

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It sounds like they’re going to provide tools or steps for that… the email did at least say they have a partial plan to get us off their platform.

It’s shocking to think of how many hours of educators’ time has been wasted developing replit based curriculum. And to give zero warning - both with the AI rollout and now canceling Teams for Edu. Such a disgrace.


I’m totally gutted about this as is the rest of my department - we went all in with replit this year…

It might be worth creating a bunch of spare teams before they turn off creating new teams tomorrow - that’ll at least give you a bit of wiggle room while finding alternatives.


I got this too. I did see on the teams page you can request a team for EDU? Not sure how it will work Replit Teams


Hey @MrsLau - we’ll have more to share around next steps, including your data, coming up. It’ll likely be a short while, though.

Our intention is not to leave you completely stranded.


@yerhot When providing the export tools - I had been through this once with the old replit for education - please don’t forget that some of us have spent numerous hours with creating unit test also … they need to be exported as well as they were extremely time-costly.


Teams for Education has been great for my computer science courses … so sad to see it go … I describe as the “best thing since sliced bread” … can still use without Teams … but not nearly as helpful for managing and helping students.


Exactly what I’ve just done!

We’ve been using Replit since at least September of 2020 in our school board and getting the message about the deprecation of Teams for Edu was not something any of us were expecting.

What hurts the most is the lack of time between Replit’s announcement and when the service will be abandoned. A few extra months of lead time would have really helped soften the blow.

If it was a matter of money, we would happily pay for the service, just like we did in the beginning - that’s how valuable of a resource Replit was to us.

What gives?


Aye, we absolutely know that :pray:


@yerhot it would be really beneficial for us to know if we will still be able to access teams through May 2024. Especially since we all have holidays coming up and it can take time for educational systems to approve new technologies for students.