Replit Replacement Ideas

I’m looking for suggestions for new platforms now that teams for education is going away. Please share ideas for both Computer Science and Web Design classes. Please include the name of the platform, useful features, drawbacks, whether or not they will sign a student data privacy agreement (if you know) and your general thoughts. Also, in an attempt to keep this to the point, please read through other people’s posts and do not repeat post the same platform. Instead, reply to the first person who posted it if you want to add anything to their suggestion.


I’m looking into migrating my course to GitHub Codespaces - GitHub Codespaces · GitHub

It can provide a pre-configured environment (click a button to start VSCode on GitHub in an coding environment). I think it even has a collaborative feature.

It can integrate with GitHub Classroom and there is a free allowance for verified educators. “The free allowance is estimated to be enough for a class of 50 with 5 assignments per month, on a 2 core machine with 1 codespace stored per student.”

The configuration is likely harder for instructors, but students should still get a good experience.

Shameless self promotion: I’m working on a new coding platform for education ( ). We have Python/Java/Web projects and are building out teacher features this winter. Even if you’re not interested in pickcode, reach out to, I know the space pretty well and can help you transition to a different platform. curriculum is free. The students sandbox is free. They hide most of the teacher tools behind the pay service, but you can still use the free side. We have been using the free that for years at my school. I cant see all students in one nice dashboard, but I can drill down to see each individual student.


Do you know what charge for their teacher services?

Unluckily, CodeHS languages do not include the C# that is our curriculum based on :/.

The only thing that GitHub codespaces is missing for me is graphical/desktop output. If it had that, it would be great.

I can do this with CodingRooms but they are also dropping K-12 support this year…

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I use Carnegie Mellon University computer science academy (CMU CS1). I absolutely love it. It’s free, the whole curriculum is canned and it’s super fun and motivating to students.

Considerations: it is entirely Python based, it is only an introduction to programming, so there is nothing about classes in it, it is entirely based on graphics, animation and you can make some light versions of games. Also, you are limited with regard to packages that you can import (I don’t think you can import any actually).

Also there is a great forum where the system admins and users can exchange ideas. I’ve been teaching Intro to programming with CMU CS1 for about 4 years now and I just love it. I believe anyone can go in and try it out and you should.

CMU has a CS3 class that is for students that have some background in programming (1 year) and they can take the CS exam for the corresponding college course. I use CMU academy for my CS Principles course.

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If your students use Harvard’s free github codespace at, you’ll find it has support built in for graphical output.

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You might look at Free, you can run your junit tests, and using the assignments feature you can keep track of the results. (Or, as I’ve done in the past, students can download and submit a zip file of the results which can be uploaded to your LMS). Written and run by Cay Horstmann.

I made an entire list, but it got hidden by the Replit staff (big surprise, a list of competitors to Replit probably wasn’t going to stay up for long in the first place). To combat this issue, I’ve moved it over to the AMC Forum, where it lives to this day (with community additions).

Check it out here:

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Hi Can you share that entire list again , That would be a great help thanks.

I have just PMed you the list to avoid mod annoyance.

I mean, there are many, Khan Academy offers Java-script, but nothing else, there is “Code academy” that offers about 12 different languages, and there is Codewars, but honestly, there aren’t a lot of good coding platforms on the internet that give the experience of replit.

And also, I am not sure if these platforms support teaching, and whether they will sign “a student data privacy agreement”, there aren’t really a lot of choices out there…

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True, very true… Ive heard of Github education (and you could probably set up github actions to autograde code). Apparently its free (no promises tho)

They literally told everyone to scram and go find alternatives though???

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ik but the list i posted here got removed after 5 minutes, so im not taking risks (also i only have 1 warning left before i get banned btw).

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Ik I’m not saying to post it again, I’m just saying that’s dumb that they’re taking down posts like that.

That’s why we have AMC and why FP moved it to AMC. I’ll send the link in a PM.

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