Sucks when amazing companys get money hungry

I loved replit you guys did such a great job with making such a great website for programmers, but i really dont understand why you would make it paid, everyone would of rather had maybe an ad or two but the fact that new programmers cant even run their website anymore is really sad.


They’ve become so obsessed with AI that they become it. Now all that runs through their little skulls is some equation to maximize profit. They ruined Replit and we’ll never get it back.

And I totally agree with your claim, I made a post just like this and it’s sad when they got money hungry.

exactly, they became AI and now they use AI to control their business when that never happened before. :flushed:

Guys, cut replit staff some slack:


No, we will NOT be cutting money hungry people.


At this point, the debate is kind of pointless.

While you are completely able to express your opinion why you dislike the new features that Replit has released, it is not because they are “money hungry”. Sure, if every business in this world wants money, then doesn’t that make every single business money hungry?

In a way, it’s like giving a baby a pacifier; they can keep it, until they don’t need it anymore, but then they began to want it back. In Replit’s case, they provided free hosting, which was quite frankly not earning them enough money to profit, so when they took it away – even though we should respect there reasons to some extent – we want it back.

Even so, I don’t understand how Replit is any more money hungry than any other profitable business on the planet.

Anyway, they’re not changing it back, while they may began to provide other opportunities to have something similar to what we used to have, they will not revert the changes.


Actually, Replit began as an AI company back in the day. Now that it’s more relevant, they’re starting to actually pursue that original mission.


It is simply impossible for Replit to support the next billion software developers through free hosting. (…) What am I mad about? Has someone already voiced this concern? Can Replit staff even change it?

What I’m mad about is that replit promised they will “never block pinging servers” and “never let their community down” ( If they knew they can’t keep this promise (and based on stats like net loss, operating costs etc. they should have been able to predict that), they deliberately lied to their community to get more developers on their platform.

Also the way they’re communicating with their community (selling deprecations and new restrictions as “improvements” and claiming they’re doing it for the community instead of being honest about their motivations) is terrible.


@1Tim That is a very fair argument! I agree that they have gradually been contradicting some things they have promised.


Okay, well you’re just gonna have to deal with it. We have free will and free speech, so we have the right to say it. I won’t cut Replit ANY slack.