Changes to Hosting on Replit!

Ok, guys. I honestly don’t know how to say this again, but here I go rubs hands together

It is simply impossible for Replit to support the next billion software developers through free hosting. Of course, it was great while we had it, but Replit is a business and businesses make money. Now, you are probably gone reply to this, saying that they are money-hungry, but if you just took a second to step into @soren and everyone else and at Replit’s shoes, and think about if you were them, would you want to earn more money for your business? Of course! But, again, you’re probably going to quote that saying “Oh, I wouldn’t ‘cause I’m ever so humble and would listen to my customer’s feedback” (you can react with a laughing emoji if needed) but in reality, they are listening to us, they just can’t make every single of our requests into reality! So take a step back from your rants and just take this into consideration: free hosting for millions of devs is simply unrealistic. So, yes you can be mad, but just before you start getting angry at Replit staff, pause and think: “What am I mad about? Has someone already voiced this concern? Can Replit staff even change it?”. Thank you for reading this.

and come on guys, @soren is doing his best, cut him some slack!