Static files are not served when previewing in private label but served when deployed


Static projectL
When I have files in the folder next to index.html they are not picked up in the webview or in a separate tab
But when the same repl is deployed - all static files are picked up

How do I make it serve static files in dev mode?

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Sorry for the mistyping, really need help, I don’t want to deploy every time to see changes to static files

what could be the reason?

I uploaded all file from local computer
when I try in the fresh project with files I create from repl it they are served well

Here is some logs:

Request URL:


Request Method:


Status Code:

404 Not Found

Now serving it all from the nodejs express

whenever a file is modified without using the workspace’s filetree, use the filetree to make a change to the file or rename one of its parent folders, like Pulling into HTML repl from GitHub causes issues - #3 by UMARismyname
alternatively, use (or set up auto-refresh yourself on a static site generator listed in Deployments) and then deploy as static every time you want to release a change.

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