Pulling into HTML repl from GitHub causes issues

For projects with many files, the quickest workaround I’ve found for this is to move all files into a folder and back:

  1. Click “New Folder” to create a dummy folder, named !
  2. Click ⋮ > Show hidden files in the sidebar
  3. Click on the scrollbar next to the Files section of the sidebar, and hit end
  4. Double-click on the lowermost file (other than the “Config files”), and hit home
  5. shift-click on the uppermost file that you want to move
  6. Drag the selected files onto the newly created folder
  7. Click on the uppermost file in this folder and hit end
  8. shift-click on the lowermost file in this folder
  9. Drag the selection down into the “Config files” section to move it back to the root folder

Maybe Selenium could be used to automate this

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