School assignments are now against the community guidelines

Recently former policy #1 (school assignments) was changed to rule #12.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.


Do people who help also get a warning?


Only when something does it repeatedly.


What about people asking for Replit Help while working on a school assignment?


We didnt discuss this. Let me bring this up.


so will we get a warning if we helped someone on Code Help before knowing it’s a school assignment?


I don’t see how that can help things they could lie about whether or not what they are asking is an assignment.


Can there be an elaboration on what “concerns of education institution” the rules are referring to?

If schools have a problem with students seeking help here, that’s fine. We can’t really do anything about that.

But generally speaking, I can’t say that I agree with this, especially for coding help. Sure, some teachers may encourage the students to figure it out on there own but there are several cases where assistance from others is allowed.

Additionally, there may not always be others who know how to help with your coding homework. I’m speaking from personal experience.

Furthermore, I find getting assistance from others with homework infinitely better than copying and pasting off the internet or using AI. You will learn a lot more as a programmer.

My suggestion (assuming educational institutions were fine with seeking help from forum users) would be to add a tag (that is required if the poster is seeking help for homework) and strictly enforce users not to spoonfeed on homework posts.

Once again, to clarify, all of what is said about assumes that educational institutions are open to their concerns being addressed and are looking for potential solutions. Its perfectly understandable if educational institutions want to prevent their students from seeking coding help here. Their school, their rules.

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I agree with what you are saying but I would say before you post a question on Replit Help you will have a survey that asks is this school work if so it will make it where the person viewing the question with the persons school work will get automatic reminder from the system to not give them answers straight out but rather walk through it with them and have them do the work.


After discussion internly its staying the same but turning into a rule. So helpnig people understand concepts and how to use Replit is still allowed. Its giving answers to people that is not allowed. cc: @QwertyQwerty88

No you will not get warned exept in repeat cases where you knew it was a school assignment.

While yes they can lie its possible to figure out based on what it is. Ex: A hyper specific issue with exact requirements thats also a basic thing. For example Fizz Buzz type program but instead of 3 and 5, its something like all perfect squares.