Repls created by a Team can't be accessed

When I go to create a repl, the author is my username by default, but I can also choose my Team as the author.

However, it’s not clear to me where these are “stored” or how to access them, in the way that I can go to “My Repls” in my personal account.

I would like to make repls for things like thoughts on the future of the course, etc. It seems with my current understanding that the only way to do this would be creating a project which I don’t publish.

However, that doesn’t answer the question of where I access some repl I make “as” the team.

I also came into this problem when forking a student’s project, and it wasn’t clear on where to access the fork I made as the “team”.

Hi @ChrisAnderson13 welcome to the community!

Thank you for your post. I’m going to move this to #bug-reports as this has been reported before. Please take a look at this for a guide on how to use the CLUI to transfer a repl into your Team as a project. If you aren’t wanting to use the repl as a project yet, I recommend you make a folder within your My Repls list.

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@IanAtReplit I don’t think that’s what they were asking:

The problem there is that it’s publically available. And more importantly doesn’t address ie the case of forking a student’s project to work on it without messing with their own project too much (possibly simultaneously, which I make use of), and not being able to easily locate the project forked by Team.

Thanks for moving it to #bug-reports, and as an aside, what an amazing resource this is! Thanks for everything!


Thanks @QwertyQwerty54, perhaps I didn’t make it clear why I was moving it to #bug-reports . If the user selects a Team from the author it doesn’t put them in a place that the user can then access later.

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I understand. You can use private repls to hide student work from others. This is what I tend to do.

Much appreciated!

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Hi again, so I’m left still uncertain. I make a Team project, I fork a student’s work, and then close the tab. Now where do I find it?

Or, I create a repl authored by the Team, where do I find it?

Is there an answer I missed, or is this where the #bug-report comes in?

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Hi @ChrisAnderson13 that’s exactly the bug report!


Thanks @IanAtReplit !


Hey @ChrisAnderson13!

I am so sorry for the delay on this. I have sent this issue to the team and will follow up as soon as I have an update.

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Projects in Education Teams are a special type of Repl, separate from regular Repls.

Currently, using the new Repl menu will create a regular Repl, not a Project. To ensure that you are creating Projects, please go to your team’s page on Replit (<team-name>) and create Projects from there. This is the recommended method until we can fix the bug in the create Repl menu.

I hope this clarifies the issue for you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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