How to view Team Repls?

I used the CLI to transfer a personal repl to a team repl and yet when I view the team page I don’t see it, so I can’t activate it as a project. There used to be a link that said “view Team Repls” but it’s not there now.

How do I add a repl with changed ownership from personal to team so I can add it as a project?


Hey @BramMoreinis3,

I’ve reproduced your steps to the problem and for some reason transferring repls takes a long time or just doesn’t work, in case it doesn’t work I recommend creating a post on #bug-reports, that might help! In the CLUI you can see that when you click teams there’s an option to fork repl to project, it will create that repl to a project, it’s the only solution since transferring a repl doesn’t work for some reason! Once you click on fork repl to project just input all the required data and check your new project in your team.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, @hugoondev ! That did it. I guess “fork repl to project” is what we should promote, rather than “team transfer repl”. Maybe put a comment on this thread:

I wish I could @BramMoreinis3,

but replit talk disappeared a year ago and since last once you can’t comment anymore! But I see you look at replit talk, do you find it useful?

It was the only hit when I searched “How to transfer a repl to a team” - and it provided the link for the CLI (which I couldn’t find because I was looking within an open Repl, not from a team or profile page where the drop-downs live), so I guess that was useful!