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Hi Everyone! I’m using Teams for Edu and my students’ repls are not loading.
They are able to log in and navigate to their repl. However, the repl flashes on their screen like it’s been loaded then goes to the infinite orange re-stacking of cubes… It’s not happening to every student only some. Anybody know a work around?



Some of my students are experiencing the same issue. Some of them got around it by trying to fork the project using a different browser or incognito/private mode.


I’m a student and am currently having this issue as well. Tried and new browser and incognito mode with no success.


Yeah, it didn’t work for every student. :frowning:

We’re having the same issue. It’s definitely tied to the accounts as we’ve tried different PCs, browsers, networks and the accounts that don’t work are consistent across all of these.

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I found another workaround that seems to work for some students. If you (as the teacher) opens their project, it’s able to load on the student’s end while you have it open.

I found a work around as well–have the students make a new account and add them to the edu team. I can then go into their old account and download the files and upload them to their new accounts/repls.

I am also a teacher using Replit Teams. Something has changed in the last week or two and now students cannot get their projects to load. I have a student account as well and can replicate it. It is just infinitely watching the orange Replit blocks. I have tried refreshing the page, which used to work last week. I have tried going back to the team dashboard and clicking continue working, which worked once or twice. Now nothing works. I have over 100 students using Replit and it is becoming a serious issue. What was the cause of this? And is there a fix in the works? I do not have the time to do over 100 “workarounds.”

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Yeah, we now have the same issue for multiple accounts. This is a major issue and I do not have time to deal with creating new accounts as a workaround


Here is a video detailing the issue taken from my personal phone while viewing the student attempting to access their project. This is on the heals of creating student accounts using the Google Invite which BTW, did not work properly and gave random account numbers to some of their user accounts instead of using their first name (Though this might be a separate issue)


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Replit staff is aware of this issue.