Replit feels silent

I have recently been feeling that replit feels lonely. This is because of the new updates. Removing comments was probably the worst thing replit could do. Replit used to feel like a popular city, a destination for tourists, but removing commenting and making hosting paid has turned it into a bunch of private basements, with people rarely going outside. I am not sending hate to anyone, I am just asking replit to reconsider their options.


I agree with you. They also should make that you can send message if replit.


Huh, nice analogy. I agree, Replit feels lonely. It’s more disconnected now.


Unfortunately, replit has shifted their goals to more professional development and especially AI and deployments, which de-emphasizes the community. The most likely reason is that hobby and casual coders, who make up most of the community, do not as much money for replit as professional and corporate clients. The deprecation of Teams for Edu also occurred, probably because it was taking too much resources during a crucial revamping period.


Dw guys I will revive this community w my upcoming game


Yup. And millions of students are no longer using it.
Shame, really.

Capitalism… it destroyed our environment, our social medias, and now Replit.


Yeah, I used to speak with some people only on Replit, now I’ve lost connection, most of them don’t have linked social accs or ask (even if they do have ask, they don’t open it).


I agree, it’s like a ghost town. My follow feed is pretty much empty and so it trending with the exception of… wait for it… repls about how sad people are about the lack of comments.


Yeah. One of my favorite online games, called rocketer( had its servers hosted here. I made good friends there and I have memories of it, but sadly, Replit killed the game with its new changes and I will have much less contact with my friends.

If you played that game as well, my username there was KRONOSLAYER.


Replit is done for got now


this is one of the reasons i practically left the replit community i move almost all my code and stuff from replit to a friends raspberry pi the second reason would be because i needed more ram than just 512MiB


any1 know similar place i can use to develop and iterate that allows for free hosting ? THANKS!


Try goorm or codesandbox.


Or Glitch. I went to that site, it has free hosting, but it’s mainly for websites.


My classroom no longer uses Replit – for the most part. It serves as my lecturing platform, but due to some numerous changes, we can no longer use it as a platform for the students. It’s such a shame.


@huntedkitty @QwertyQwerty88 For real. Replit’s recent changes have really isolated our community. Now, for the first time, I need to use it for a school project and when I was about to, I found that being inactive for 6-8 months has caused me to not know until it was too late about payment being the only way to use hosting on Replit. :frowning_with_open_mouth: Thanks to huntedkitty for bringing this up.


Turned out that is back. I was going to cry looking at rocketer being dead, until I started crying about rocketer being back up(sarcasm). Turning away from that, I am using Replit to develop one of my games, but I will not be able to host it here anymore. I’ll just have to move it to another site when I convert it to node js and prepare for multiplayer. Replit did feel like a city with lots of people until it became more and more silent until now.


I do agree but asking them to change the updates is one thing but getting them to change the update is the issue they most likely won’t!

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I can see how Replit is lonely. When the comments on the cover page were still up and running there was a sense of community everyone knew everyone and everyone was able to talk to one another that’s what made Replit unique. It also helps with coding because people could suggest what they could do to make their Repl better. Those comments were also a way of learning how to code because people could give pointers and tips!


Anyway, I agree with this. Removing comments, forcing deployments (more understandable than the others), and more updates that have disconnected Replit’s community.

In my opinion, the community-based features were one thing that made Replit special and unique compared to other (primarily online) IDEs.

Even the Replit homepage screams lonely.