Programming Language Jam

I’m hosting a jam. The theme is to make a programming language.

  • Your language must support coding in files (or else it’s not a language)
  • To enter, just reply to this post
  • You can work in teams
  • You can work solo
  • To enter a language, you must be the owner of it

Deadline is 2023-08-31T16:00:00Z. That’s 3 months!


@QwertyQwerty88 :
@Python660 :
@SalladShooter :
@element1010 : GitHub - element10101/KittenScript
@MystPi : GitHub - MystPi/bella: 🐶 Bella ⌁ A simple functional programming language ⌁ Written in Gleam!
@JacobMcPherson1 :



As long as the language uses normal features (tokens, lexers, parsers) it can be anything.
Just make sure it is good enough.

You can make any type of language.


Couple questions:

  1. Can I enter a programming language I’ve been working on a while?
  2. How complicated does the language have to be?


As long as the language uses normal features (tokens, lexers, parsers) it can be anything.
Just make sure it is good enough.
Oh is it the one that does mathematical operations? I don’t think you should enter that one…

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Huh? Do you mean the SLY boilerplate I paste in any programming language teams? No, no. Here’s the one I meant:

Yeah, I made it with a tutorial, but ehhhhh I put a lot of effort into it. You can do math operations (some things are broken…), create variables, and soon I’ll add if statements after fixing conditions, and after that probably reassigning variables (although you can do that, you just need to do var variableThatAlreadyExists = newValue.


Yep that’s the one I meant

So what? It’s not like you’re instantly gonna know how to make a programming language.

So currently it does math operations and variables. It can’t even do strings yet. (no offence)

I was thinking “Once someone entered their language, they can’t update it” but I changed my mind. Anyway, you got 3 months to improve your language.

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Well anyway, I thank you for this, cause it’ll motivate me to improve the language.

One reason I made this jam is to peek :eyes: at other people’s code so I can learn how to make a language.


@QwertyQwerty88 does your language support that rule? Or does it only have shell support?

  • Fun project on a language transpiling to JS:
  • Actually usable PL(link in description):NiceLanguage - Esolang(Not sure if the rules forbid linking to external pages,please dont ban me)
  • (ps:you wanted to mean “PL interpreter/compiler” instead of just “PL”.PL stands for some kind of language specification.)
  • Also my languages are the entire opposite of that guy’s PL:Mine only supports coding in files,because who uses shell coding?And seriously,shell coding is harder to implement than file coding,with only the bonus of one for loop.
  • How is a jam different from a contest?Are there winners?
  • One of my older creations(code in description):Parity - Esolang


Not yet. I’ll add it soon

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I’d like to join this jam!


I’m definitely joining

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@sonicx180 @ParanormalCoder What’s the link?

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My entries not done yet here’s my work so far

Well you got 3 months to improve.
I’ll add yours to the entries in a second

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It’s not an actual language. It just converts your language to JS.

My language does something similar, can you check to see if it’s still a language?

Just because a language is transpiled does not neccessarily mean it is not a language.


Well yes, it is a language, but I want something that runs the language, not something that transpiles it.

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