[Programming Language] AsyncBasic: PAID🌀 Development and Testing Needed

Preface What’s AsyncBasic?

I initially created AsyncBasic as a submission for the Programming Language Jam, created by @SnakeyKing.

However, I’ve been putting it off for a while now because of, y’know, summer and vacation and travel and stuff. After installing VSCode on my mac recently and gaining access to github copilot-like tools (AWS CodeWhisper), I’ve decided to resuscitate the old and forgotten project.

Qualification Can I join?

To join, please vote in the poll at the bottom, while listing the specific Phases that you would like to work on. *The collaborator limit is 4 (excluding me), as dealing with too many people will be notoriously difficult.
The poll will close on 2023-08-17T04:00:00Z, and I will post the results before 2023-08-18T04:00:00Z. You will have a higher probability of being selected if you have worked with me in the past and/or the quality your work experience should you post them in the comments. I will be providing cycles to developers who work on AsyncBasic after the completion of each individual Phase, and the cycle amount will vary based on interactiveness.

The total of the average pay-per-phase is 100 cycles

Phase 1 Planning

The language will be similar to BASIC, an easy programming language created for dummiespeople who are just starting out in the field of programming, but like always, there will be some changes.

  1. Line numbers are not needed
  2. The keywords and architecture will be changed (e.g. why have two different while loops when you could have one?)
  3. There will be custom errors

Developers who have worked on Phase 1 will receive 10 cycles.

Phase 2 Data Types and Expressions

Every programming language requires data types, and in this case the data types will include the following:

  • strings
  • numerals
  • booleans
  • nothing (null/undefined)
  • shopping lists
  • dictionaries

Async Basic will also have expressions, which is a combination of one or more data types joined together by an operator and/or a function (If we have time to implement functions). Developers should create functions to render

Developers who have worked on Phase 2 will receive 15-25 cycles.

Phase 3 Basic Commands, Syntax Checking, and Error Handling

Async Basic should have commands, such as PRINT, READ, and other useful commands. It should be easy to do tbh.

Developers who have worked on Phase 3 will receive 15-25 cycles.

Phase 4 Advanced block commands

These commands span multiple lines, such as loops, IF statements, and potentially, functions.

Developers who have worked on Phase 4 will receive 20-40 cycles.

Phase 5 Documentation, Production, and Publication

Final phase of the production of Async Basic

Developers who have worked on Phase 5 will receive 15-25 cycles.

Poll Want in?

Select the phases that you would like to work on:
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Phase 5
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Good luck!

If the work is paid, then the project is planned to be large-scale. I will not participate in this because of my lack of experience in creating programming languages. I can only follow the updates and language development and wish all developers good luck!


Sorry, I’m not experienced in making programming languages, but I can help with the documentation.

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btw when will we start?

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as soon as poll closes, I get back from vacation within vacation right before poll closes, and as soon as I send out the invitations.

That means you’ll have 12-13 days until the jam finishes.

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not sure if I can make it to the jam’s deadline, but I also submitted DBug which I think is an interpreted esolang.

Will it be a compiled or interpreted language?

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this one will be some python code which reads file contents and executes code directly.

Thats an interpreted language then, wish i could help but i dont have a computer currently :(.

Hello there, I’m @element1010.

Although I have never created a fully successful programming language, I am great at planning and documentation.

I also made very funny custom errors in KittenScript as well.

I have also proven successful creating data types in KittenScript.

I can try to build simple commands like printing, output, and variables. I have also successfully done this in KittenScript.

I look forward to working with you and the Cycles!


Phase 1 is a worded a bit confusing for me. Can you explain what you mean by the following?

What does the system’s architecture have to do with keywords, also I’m not sure why there would originally be two while loops. Do you mean exclude the for loop and just use the while loop?

And most importantly, what language will AsyncBasic be created in?


Its basically planning syntax and stuff, just writing out pseudocode.

well I meant the syntax, such as ; is now + for concats

No i meant the repeat/until structure is probably not needed.



Ah ok, that makes a lot more sense now. Thanks! I might consider joining later, depends what happens when my school starts though


Sounds fun, I’ve been wanting to make a BASIC inspired programming language for a while.

Aw c’mon man, that’s what makes BASIC, BASIC.

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What will you be writing it in?

OP said Python. (Below)

Wish you good luck then.