Poll: How long have you been using Replit?

  • A few days
  • A week or two
  • A month or two
  • Several months
  • A year
  • More than a year

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I’d say several months. At least I think it has been. If not I have annoyed yall lol :laughing:


I started using Replit during this school year from 2022-2023, I’ve been enjoying it a lot and it’s community :grinning: !


Back in 2020, I was looking for an online IDE to learn Python as my friends were all into coding, and Replit was probably the greatest thing around. I didn’t really have any experience installing stuff or running files from the command line, but Replit made that really easy. I’ve probably knocked days of my life off using Replit, all worth it.


More than a year :muscle:

Anyone else with me?


More than a year. Joined Dec 11 2021


This is my second account, as I deleted my first in rage when they destroyed the hacker plan.
I am not deleting this one, but I might soon just unsubscribe from the pro and just pay for private repls as the performance of repl going fast down


to be honest i dont really remember when I joined replit but just looking at my oldest repl I’m guessing 6 months ago

  1. I forgot so I had to check lol (it took FOREVER to find it)
  2. I created my account… on Feburary 11, 2022. I have to say I wasn’t very active at all (also I didn’t know about COPPA but now I can use Replit :confused: lol). I’ve been more active the past several months but my account was made more than a year ago.

You can easily get account info, just go to whois.repl.co.

I created my account in September I think
nvm i take that back i looked it up on the whois.repl.co it says ‘Joined on Tuesday, October 27, 2020’ I didn’t even realize that it was THAT early. I thought it was like 2022, but I must’ve created an account back then because I wanted to take a course!! I never became active until late 2022.

I made my account on Friday, January 29, 2021 apparently.

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apparently i join on Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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I joined exactly one day after :laughing: :laughing: (december 12, 2021)

I’ve been using Replit since 2019 or so, back when it was called Repl.it. The website has changed so much! Back then you would just share your repl on a post and you could just ask coding questions and people from the community would answer. The user who answered the question would earn five cycles (@Coder100 would normally be the one answering them XD). It is amazing how much the website has changed and the community has grown.


lmao the good old days

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I started using Replit this year because of school, for Teams Edu, and I joined the forum a while back, but was really inactive (that’s why I’m still Basic and not Member but I’ll get Member soon). Anyway, my school moved on from Python on Replit in the second term to do BBC Micro:bit (which I can code fairly well). So, I did and finished 100 Days of Code and I’m still doing Replit for coding. But my whole class hates coding and they only use Replit to play Ballistic Chickens and Biobit. I’m like the only person who likes coding in my class :cry:

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LMAO that is so relatable that’s what happened to our class too

well coding isn’t for everyone and you should make a fun game for your class to play

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for any of you who want to use whois.repl.co, just know that it doesn’t work bc of CORS (probably one of a web-dev’s worst nightmares)

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