Why did Replit change domains?

I remember when it was repl.it! My god, that link was much better than the lousy .com everyone has, and it felt much nicer to type. Not really sure why they changed it though, because it still redirects to replit.com.


they changed it because of this: https://blog.replit.com/dotcom

tldr .it is italy and they are not based in italy :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers:


The blog has nothing to do with .it being for Italy, though?

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hi this was a reply to bobastley :+1:

not sure why the site makes it so hard to show replies easily lol

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I know? What does that have to do with my post? And will you answer me?

hm well then it seems i forgot where i found the original source

I know .it is for Italy? I’m just asking why you said “tldr” and then stated that when the blog had nothing to do with it?