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Please read through the most recent incidents before reporting bugs. The newest replies will be the most recent incidents.


Sometimes, when connecting to MongoDB from Replit, users can run into issues where their program fails to connect to Mongo. We are aware of this and investigating the cause.

All updates will be posted below.


Proxies are unhealthy

Our North America and Asia geo clusters are unstable at the moment. Some Repls are being affected by this incident right now and may refuse to boot, fail to host correctly, or show other unexpected side effects.


VNC Repls failing to boot

We’re experiencing an issue with some VNC Repls (e.g. Python Turtle, PyGame, Matplotlib, etc) failing to start properly.


Custom domains fail to connect

We are aware of the issue(s) where custom domains are stuck in the “verifying…” step and not progressing. We have identified that this is due to a change made on our end, and are working towards a resolution.

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SSL issues

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We’re currently having issues with session failure rates

Many users are experiencing issues with Repls not booting. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our team is investigating and will provide updates soon. Thank you for your patience.


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repl.co errors and latency

We are investigating errors related to content hosted at repl.co. We will update as we learn more on our status page.