My project ideas: does anyone want to work with me?

This is a list of my project ideas, in the order of the priority I will be working on them. If you are interested in collaborating for any project, please comment below.

Priority 1 - Cosmic Adventure

This will be a space/RPG game containing elements such as combat and exploration. The ultimate goal of the player is to start a civilization spanning across the entire universe.

Estimated start date: Already started

Priority 2 - Elemental Conquest

This will be a fantasy/medieval game where a player expands their empire and whose ultimate goal is to conquer the entire map. There will be dungeons, which, once conquered, can be played with a Dungeon Key. There will also be events, featuring a separate map full of adventures.

Estimated start date: Late March/early April

Priority 3 - ChatOut (name not final yet)

Does anyone remember this post?

I am going to be remaking this chat app soon with some new features, including forums, a full API (although it already had one), XSS-proof stuff (we’re not gonna have a re-do of last time), and much more!

Estimated start date: May/June


Hi @element1010!
I would love to work on these! I’m guessing the first 2 are python but what languages are you planning to use? I would only be able to go on the repl (if that’s what you’re using) about once a week, but I can work on the code a lot during the week.


Cosmic Adventure – HTML and JavaScript
Elemental Conquest – NodeJS
ChatOut – NodeJS


I’d be willing to work on any of those, your choice. Sorry for the late reply.