Chat with your friends!

Chat with your friends! Chatrooms coming soon!

Chat rules:

  • All Replit and Replit Ask rules
  • Common Sense

If you don’t follow one of the rules, you will be banned from the chat by one of our admins.

Our admins:

If you wish to become an admin, please contact me on Replit or in this Replit ask thread!!!

For admins

You can ban people here, and unban people here.

haha nothing to see here


@element1010 yay I’m an admin, but how do I use my powers to ban people?

Can’t test it out now, but will try to check it out later! (Little worried about the lack of web sockets but I will have to see)

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Request for authorization to responsibly find and test security vulnerabilities?


I already looked, no apparent ones, but I will dig more later.

Edit: Oh no, I found a ban-escape vuln already


@Evanisha You can ban people here
@youngchief You have permission to test for vulnerabilities.
@dragonhunter1 What’s the ban-escape vulnerability?

Er element, you didn’t link anything to that here button. Or at the very least, it’s not clickable.

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You only check if the user is banned on the home page, so they could just post requests directly

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Ok, you’re not an admin anyway so the link won’t work for you.

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I have no idea what that means =P

Translation: They could use another repl to bypass the ban. Or, if they know how, they could do it directly from their own computer.

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Please give me exact details in a private message.

Me or @Firepup650? And what kind of exact details, it is a very simple fix

What if I don’t have any friends :face_holding_back_tears:



That’s a good question. Maybe that’ll change eventually

Can I make something for using an IRC client with it?

This is very good, except that it is blinding my eyes with the white.


I have no idea what an IRC client is :confused:

Agreed. @element1010 please add a dark mode toggle.

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