My new Extension not showing up in Storeb

I have an Extension, that I wish to publish to the store.

I can deploy it, no worries, and it’ll show up and it does then show up in the “tools” panel, but not in the “Extensions” panel, nor can I search for it. I get a “manifest error” message.

I can deploy it:

If I view it so:

I get:

Screen Shot 2023-12-21 at 11.04.04 AM


Yeah, I’ve had this issue as well, it just takes a bit to reflect changes on store it seems, it’s up now.

@7heMech I made my own months ago back in December (To-Do Extension), but it never showed up in the store, even in the All section of not verified.

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Try deleting extensionID from .replit and republish.

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@7heMech it worked, but I think I have to Deploy it because it uses the Flask template and extensions are just Repls connecting to it.

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Extensions on the store are static deployments directly by replit.
You can deploy a server (API) maybe, with autoscale if you need that functionality and still have extension as a separate repl to save egress.