Replies Sometimes Not Working

Idk why, but sometimes when I click reply on ask it doesn’t lol


Again, replies just don’t work lol (or I can’t use ask)

If you can’t make Replies, you should make a Bug Reports for

Well, it seems like I can , I’m probably clicking the wrong button :upside_down_face:

O, no it just fails to reply at times and gives normal comment.
Edit: I’ll do further testing and when I reach a conclusion, I’ll act accordingly.


Never heard of this before. If you get a solid repro I might be able to figure out whats going on

I think it is something like this.

You just replied so its what you did isnt it

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Testing a reply. Hmm

Another test for video recording

Yeah, so if you reply to the message above it doesn’t show an indicator it seems.

Oh that, its not a bug. Cant seem to find the topic on meta but if you reply to the post directly before the one being made it wont show without an admin manually enabling a setting to do so.


It’s kinda confusing behavior, because you can’t know if the person replied to the last message or just wrote a comment at a first glance.


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