Module not found and package download errors

Im relatively new to coding and have encountered a problem,

When i try to imoort certain modules it comes uo as ‘no module named ’

Allong with trying to install packages manually
Using the packages menu, errors occur

I think it may have something to do with when i was messing with the python shell, it doesnt happen when i open other python types like pygame and turtle

How do i fix this?

Hi @Endie01 , welcome to the forums!
You can try entering poetry add package into the Shell.
Do note that you’ll have to replace ‘package’ with the name of the package you wish to install.
Hope this helps!

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Hi @Endie01 !
Does the idea I suggested work? If not, could you post the error messages you received?

Yeah that disnt work lol

More :

This is tedious lol

Also apologise that the wrapping is a bit weird

@Endie01 Could you try entering pip install mpmath into the Shell?

Ah. There’s the error. Pip is misconfigured.
Since this is a pip configuration error, try:

Then run the poetry add command again.

Yeah your right, but when i input that this error occurs:

Huh. That’s weird. What template are you using?

Very, im using the regular python template

That’s strange given some of the output. Could you try on a fresh Repl and see if the issue persists?

you’re using the Beta template. I don’t know what got you to having poetry and pip installed in replspace, but try after you run in Shell:

rm .pythonlibs -r
poetry remove poetry
poetry add mpmath
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How strange, it worked! Thank you

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